Heritage BC & Arts BC Present:

PlaceMaking: Where Arts and Heritage Collide

Granville Island, May 5-7

Thank you to all who attended PlaceMaking: Where Arts and Heritage Collide, May 5-7, 2016! Three days of energizing talks, workshops and fun,two provincial organizations, one giant conference taking place on Granville Island. Thanks to all of the sponsors, suppliers, and volunteers who helped make our collaborative conference with Arts BC happen.

PlaceMaking: Where Arts and Heritage Collide was a beautiful collision of arts and heritage speakers, workshops, tours, networking, and special events; all taking place on Granville Island in Vancouver, May 5-7, 2016.

Over 250 delegates from Arts BC’s diverse membership of galleries, theatre and dance companies, arts service organizations and individual artists, together with Heritage BC’s network of heritage commissions and societies, museum professionals, planners, archivists, consultants, government employees, First Nations organizations, tourism professionals, educators, students, politicians, architects, realtors, and arts and heritage enthusiasts and advocates came together for this three-day meeting of arts and heritage minds.  


 About Heritage BC Annual Conference

Heritage BC organizes an annual conference with a focus each year on a different heritage related theme. This year partnering with Arts BC to create one giant conference covering interesting and informative arts and heritage topics and trends. Our conference offers a great opportunity to network, share and learn with other professionals and volunteers in the heritage, arts and cultural sectors. Participants learn about new theories and technologies and gain an understanding of why age old practices are still valuable. From stimulating keynote speakers, to hands on workshops, conference goers get tooled up to help stimulate educational discussion on the values of heritage conservation and how it is intertwined with our arts, culture and environmental values. 



Past conferences:

2015: The Main Thing

The theme was about using the revitalization of our Main Streets to help revitalize town centres. The conference was held over multiple heritage venues in Rossland, B.C. including the Rossland Miners' Hall, Old Fire Hall and Rossland Gallery (Bank of Montreal Building). Highlights include: Keynote Speaker - Jim Mountain, Director of Regeneration for Heritage Canada the National Trust; four sessions of concurrent workshops; Heritage BC AGM; and a massive amount of fun at our Prospector's themed conference social.

 » Annual Conference 2015



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