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The Heritage Legacy Fund (HLF) was established in 2003 by an agreement of the provincial government of British Columbia. With the termination of the BC Heritage Trust at the time, HLF was designed to take over the community support function, specifically to provide grants for the heritage sector of British Columbia. The province endowed the project with an initial gift of $5 million, held by the Vancouver Foundation. Two years later in March of 2005, the availability of funding through grant programs was announced. Heritage BC is the fund advisor.

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Who Benefits?

The HLF is the only funding organization in British Columbia dedicated exclusively to heritage conservation. Of the nearly 100 grants provided to date, about 80 per cent have been for the conservation of historic buildings and other structures. Projects supported range from one-room buildings to civic landmarks such as Victoria’s City Hall or the former municipal building in Nelson. A lot of funding applications have been for basic repair and maintenance work — roof replacement is the most common request. There have been a few very unusual applications as well, like the project to retain the famous Hollow Tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

Applications come from many sources including community museums, heritage societies, local governments and First Nations.

Beyond the applicants themselves, it is the community and the local economy that benefit from the financial support of the Heritage Legacy Fund. Heritage BC aims to conserve heritage resources through this endowment fund, but also encourages communities to understand and appreciate our heritage, to bolster tourism and economic well-being and to foster more sustainable communities.


The Future

We have learned a lot in our first decade. The HLF has been meeting a need, and that need is growing.  We have learned that communities need support to ensure heritage conservation in British Columbia and not just with the upkeep and renovations of historical sites, but also to build capacity within communities around education, organizational development, values-based community consultation and promotion of best practices in heritage conservation. 

The biggest challenge will be finding adequate resources to meet the needs. The endowment fund has suffered during the recession with modest recovery in the last year. In the longer term, the Heritage Legacy Fund must build its endowment. There is so much more that can be done if the resources were available.


You Can Help!

We are making a difference and you can too. Please join us in the effort to conserve British Columbia’s priceless heritage and make a gift to the Heritage Legacy Fund.  Your contributions will help to build a sustainable future for heritage conservation in British Columbia.

Please make your cheque payable to Vancouver Foundation and reference Heritage Legacy Fund of British Columbia on the memo line.

Donations can be made by clicking ‘Give Now’. 
Be sure to indicate that the specific fund held at Vancouver Foundation is 
Heritage Legacy Fund of British Columbia: 

» www.vancouverfoundation.ca 

Being a "Sustaining Donor" to our endowment fund is an easy way to apportion your donation over the year and it helps us know that we have ongoing commitment to growing the Heritage Legacy Fund. Please contact us to find out more about becoming a Sustaining Donor.




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