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Heritage BC is a charitable not-for-profit supporting heritage conservation across British Columbia through education, training and skills development, capacity building in heritage planning and funding through the Heritage Legacy Fund. We are passionate about building links between heritage conservation and tourism, economic and environmental sustainability, community pride and an appreciation of our common history.


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Annual Reports


» 2015 Annual Report
» 2014 Annual Report
» 2013 Annual Report
» 2012 Annual Report


Strategic Plan


» 2016-2018 Strategic Plan


Stay informed! Heritage BC provides information about important issues for the heritage conservation community in British Columbia. Find out What's New, read the latest Heritage BC Quarterly and current enews Update – and connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest! 

Click here for upcoming events like the Annual ConferenceHeritage Week, and other meetings and workshops around the province.

Our annual Awards Program recognizes significant contributions by individuals, groups and businesses to heritage conservation. Find out how to make an online nomination for a deserving project or individual — deadline is March 31st. 

Find out more about the Heritage BC Workshop Program for non-profit heritage organizations. Get links to other education programs and more! 

A library of resource material and links about heritage conservation, with publications, tips and guides that cover a wide range of topics.

Get more information and apply for grants through Heritage Legacy Fund, and other organizations that provide funding for heritage conservation, awareness, training, planning, and special projects.

As a non profit, Heritage BC is funded through membership fees, program and service revenues, charitable gifts and donations as well as sponsorships. Today we have a growing membership of individuals, groups and business members who share a common interest in heritage conservation, historic places, and promoting the value of British Columbia’s heritage for all. Please join us!


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